Chronicles of a Time Lady Lost

Memoirs of the Former Lady President of Gallifrey

Romanadvoratrelundar of Gallifrey
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A Time Lord's existance is often divided into chapters, given the nature of regeneration and the volume of experience that may be had in a life that spans the centuries. Romanadvoratrelundar -- or 'Romana', as The Doctor chose to call her -- has her own share of identifying periods in her life:

I: A Triple-First graduate of the Time Lords' Academy, seeking to prove herself;
II: A renegade who refused the summons to her home world in favor of helping to free an enslaved people;
III: A ruthless Lady President of Gallifrey in the midst of an epochal series of Time Wars;

And now...IV: A survivor, stranded ignominiously upon an insignificant moon. Very possibly the last of her race in the universe.

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